Shazahn Padamsee – Rajat Barmecha’s onscreen lip lock

Shazahn Padamsee - Rajat Barmecha's onscreen lip lock

Shazahn Padamsee – Rajat Barmecha’s onscreen lip lock
Shazahn Padamsee and Rajat Barmecha recently shot a very passionate kissing scene for a film they’re acting in together. The young actress had reservations doing the scene initially, but later agreed as it was pivotal to their characters’ romantic track.

Our source explained, “In the scene, Shazahn and Rajat are sitting by the rocks on a moonlit night. Following their dialogue, they feel so passionate about their love for each other, they hug and kiss, which lasts for over two minutes. While Shazahn felt coy, Rajat was okay with it.” Interestingly, it took over five takes to get the shot right. “But it ended well. The director got his shot with the required emotions,” said our source.

Rajat Barmecha
Rajat Barmecha (born 24 April 1989) is an Indian film actor who is best known for his lead role in the 2010 Bollywood film Udaan.
Barmecha is a known face when it comes to Web-series. He first appeared in a special appearance as Kartik in the web-series Girl In The City, with Mithila Palkar in 2016.

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