Shazahn Padamsee for Exhibit magazine (Sept 2011)

Cover of Exhibit Magazine, November 2011

Shazahn Padamsee for Exhibit magazine

And finally, Shazahn is a modern gadget goddess in shorts and a crop top fronting Exhibit.

Image: Shazahn Padamsee
Photographs: Cover of Exhibit Magazine, November 2011

Exhibit Magazine
It all began in May 2005, when Exhibit Magazine was founded by Ramesh Somani in the city of Kolkata. As things paced up, Exhibit HQ shifted to Mumbai with satellite presence in Singapore, USA, France and UAE. Today, it’s one of the most respected names in the world of Tech and Lifestyle Media with a resonating tagline which also forms the DNA and core fabric of whatever Exhibit does – Where Tech meets Lifestyle.
The Quest has been to simplify tech and make sense of it in our lifestyle through all formats of
Print – which stands tall at more than 5 lakh readers every month.
Digital – which is where you are reading this – Social, Events, IPs & Video formats. Whether it’s CES Las Vegas or our own Tech Fashion Tour – we are on a path to decode the future.

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Where It Started…
Exhibit Magazine in the course of its 15 years strongly stands as India’s prime-selling magazine which sets forth a stunning unison of Tech and Lifestyle. Over this time span, it has broadened its reach and delved into various avenues like Tech, Auto, Fashion, and Lifestyle – both in the digital, print and on-field market. The content is fresh, authentic and creative that not only manages to intrigue the niche audience but also appeals to the masses.
[September 2011]

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