Up close and personal with Shazahn Padamsee

Shazahn Padamsee black skirt

Up close and personal with Shazahn Padamsee
Sweet girl-next-door Shazahn Padamsee always looks just perfect. Not a hair out of place and the right look with designer ensembles and great make up she surely knows how to put her best foot forward.

The Beauty Bar caught up with Shazahn who is basking in the glory of her success for which was awarded recently. Yes, you heard it right. She won the Stardust Award for breakthrough supporting performance for House full 2.

What are your views about The Beauty Bar?
(Smiles) I love the place. I must say Kamaya is very talented and all my needs are beautifully catered at the Beauty Bar. I am totally spoilt for choice when I go there. Right from my shampoos to all my make up needs- I find all the best brands across the world.

If I raid your bag which products will I find?
I do not put on any make up during the day. But you will still find an eyebrow brush and a lip balm. You may also find a body spray.

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What is your take on fashion (I cannot help but notice her flawless skin)?
Wear what suits you, don’t wear trends blindly and don’t put on too much make up.

Tell me something about your fitness regime?
I love working out,swimming and kick boxing. I get bored easily so I mix and match various workouts and ensure that I have a very unique yet effective workout session.

What has been your recent buy from the Beauty Bar?
I keep buying loads of stuff. However the Armani foundation was a great buy.

What was your recent look at an award event (I think she looked gorgeous)?
Soft wavy hair, simple make up and a gold clutch completed my look. I was wearing a red Gaurav Gupta gown.
February 8, 2013 – thebeautybar.in

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