Shazahn Padamsee In Short Black Dress

Shazahn Padamsee In Short Black Dress At Stuff Book Launch

Shazahn Padamsee In Short Black Dress
Shazahn Padamsee In Short Black Dress At Stuff Book Launch

Stuff (magazine)
Stuff is a British consumer electronics magazine published by Kelsey Media.

Stuff (magazine) History
Stuff was first published in Britain in November 1996 by Dennis Publishing. A bi-monthly title, it followed the success of magazines such as FHM and Loaded in being pitched toward a young, male audience, with a focus on consumer goods and electronics.

The brand took a more lifestyle orientated direction in 1998, before publishing group Haymarket bought the title in January 1999 and refocusing the magazine to consumer electronics.

In May 2018 the brand was sold to Kelsey Media.

Haymarket Media Group CEO Kevin Costello said at the time of the sale: “Stuff is a truly iconic brand, trusted by its tech-loving followers to entertain, educate and inspire. It’s been a big part of the Haymarket story, but our strategic focus has shifted and Stuff needs a new home where the brand can really achieve its potential.”

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Stuff (magazine) Indian edition
Stuff India, the Indian edition of Stuff, launched on 1 December 2008 with a cover price of Rs. 100 ($2). The magazine launched with a print run of 40,000 copies. Stuff India is edited by Nishant Padhiar, formerly the editor of T3 and consultant editor on AV MAX.

About Stuff
The largest selling gadget magazine in the world entered the Indian market in December 2008 and has been capturing the imagination of tech geeks ever since. Stuff thrives on the ‘never seen before’ and truly is… Gadget Porn!

Stuff India and are part of Haymarket SAC Publishing Pvt. Ltd., a leading publisher of magazines and exhibition properties in India. Our sister brands include Autocar India, What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision India, What Car? India, Autocar Professional, Campaign India and Printweek India.

Haymarket SAC was launched in 1999 as a joint venture between Haymarket and Sorabjee Automotive Communications. Autocar India was the first title launched by Haymarket SAC in September 1999. This was soon followed by Autocar Professional, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, What Car? and Stuff India. The company now employs over 100 people across India.

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