Quality time and girl talk with Shazahn Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar

Shazahn Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar

Quality time and girl talk with Shazahn Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar
Sharon Prabhakar and Shazahn Padamsee come across as good friends enjoying the party called life. Debarati S Sen meets up with the lovely mother-gorgeous daughter duo.

Somebody should cast Sharon Prabhakar and daughter Shazahn Padamsee in a movie. Maybe Alyque Padamsee himself, father of the girl and ex-husband of the woman, if he can unshackle himself from theatre and consider cinema for a change. This is no ordinary mother-daughter relationship, this is something special; with Sharon providing Shazahn with unconditional love, but at the same time maintaining a fine balance between authority and friendship. As a result, Shazahn who recently debuted in Bollywood opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, has turned out to be properly sorted-out girl. “Shazahn has always lived in a near-perfect world.

She has been nurtured very lovingly and is a sensitive, talented, and very giving person,” says the proud mother, herself a pop and theatre diva of the Swinging Seventies and Explosive Eighties. Her own background did not influence Sharon to pressurise Shazahn into any career-making decisions. “Kids today have a mind of their own,” says Sharon. “Shazahn chose her own path. I know there are parents who force a career on their child but I haven’t been like that. She knows that I am her support system. But I would never force or interfere in anything.”

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The mother and daughter spent quality time in Shazahn’s growing up years. “We did it all… from travelling around the world to theme birthday parties… now I’m just sitting back and watching her blossom,” says Sharon. But it must not have been easy for Shazahn growing up in a large and extended family, the product of brilliantly-talented but separated parents, with geniuses like Quasar Thakore and Raell Padamsee as siblings. Any wonder the talent and creative gene structure, then! However, all this notwithstanding, Shazahn never really thought of becoming an actress. “I did fashion designing, a course in copy writing, trained as a copywriter, worked in a production house, did some event management,” says the Bollywood debutante in a rush, then adds, “but it took me a while to figure out acting was something that I was cut out for. My father directed my first play and I came away exhilarated from the stage experience.

I realised this was what I wanted to do… be an actress.” The mother is proud of her actress daughter. Shazahn calls her “Shengs” in affection. “My mother is a friend. She is an adorable buddy, a sister, a manger. I call her ‘momager’ — a perfect combination of a mother and manager,” says the daughter. “Shengs has always given me my privacy. Never imposed or intruded, yet, has been extremely connected and clued in always. I am proud of my parents.” She’s not let their separation affect her youth, either; in fact, Shazahn has the best of both worlds. “For professional advice, I turn to dad; but I share all my emotional problems with Shengs,” she smiles.

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Sharon Prabhakar
Sharon Prabhakar (born 4 August 1955) is an Indian pop singer, theatre personality and public speaker.

In the past, Prabhakar has been referred to by India Today as one of Bombay’s most talented folk singers with a style reminiscent of Joan Baez. By the mid-1980s, she achieved recognition and fame for singing in popular overseas styles in Hindi language. According to an article in The Hindustan Times, even before artists such as Alisha Chinai, Baba Sehgal and Daler Mehndi were described as Indi-pop, she was the original pop star of Hindi music that wasn’t related to films. She achieved popularity in Hindi pop and disco. During her career, she has shared the stage with Celine Dion, represented India abroad and sung for members of the White House.
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