Shazahn Padamsee’s Heart For Art!

Shazahn Padamsee inaugurating a painting exhibition

Shazahn Padamsee’s Heart For Art!
Actress Shazahn Padamsee was clicked looking pretty at the painting exhibition by Artist Ramesh Thorat. In a mini animal print skirt and black top, she set temperatures soaring.

Actress Shazahn Padamsee along with Mrs. Yash Kohli Inaugurated painting exhibition of Artist Ramesh Thorat at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda in Mumbai.

Ramesh Thorat
Cosmic Visionary Ramesh Thorat is a cosmic visionary whose shimmering souls capes have evolved from Spiritual symbolism to more diffused forms as he probes the deepest layers of the sub-conscious mind. They resonate with a spiritual awareness which create an aura of well being. His canvas has the expressive power to induce a feeling of great peace and serenity. Like a Shaman possessed by the enlightened spirit, Thorat conjures Cosmic forms which throb and pulsate with a blissful energy in a magical alchemy of pleasing colour schemes. This is an art which feels and heals. The world as we understand it is full of chaos and conflict both within and without us. The Cosmos, which means order in Greek, only comes about when the disturbed forces of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas are in equilibrium. This requires the reconciliation of the masculine and feminine Yin and Yang, the Shiv-Shakti union of the potential and kinetic energies. The awakening of the Kundalini unlocks the power of each chakra associated with its own colour and sound to which each individual soul resonates. As the Sahasrara Lotus blossoms the soul attains a blissful repose as one is freed from worldly passions.

The intricate details of this are laid out in the book “The serpent power” by Sir John Woodroffe. Planetary influences and the spiritual elements of the Panchatattvas also have an affinity with colour. Akasa is linked with black, agni with red, vayu with green, prithvi with yellow and jala with white. Scientific research has found that each colour has a specific temperature and psychosomatic effect. The earliest treatise on alchemy “Rasaratnakara” by Nagarjuna in 200 AD recognized this as did the ancient Feng Shui Masters of China. Red was seen to have a stimulating effect on the heart andcirculation, pink helped relax the muscles, orange helped in digestion, yellow stimulated the brain and nervous system, green helped breath control and blue lowered blood pressure with a calming effect.

All these aspects are admirably reflected on Thorat’s healing canvas which induces a soothing and meditative effect on the viewer. Thorat came into prominence a decade ago by winning prestigious awards of the Bombay Art Society and the state and national awards. As he enters his mature phase he is ready to blaze a new trail in abstract art as he embarks on a new journey to explore the limitless potential of his creative vision. C.S.Nag (Author & Filmmaker) Less

Diploma in Drawing and Painting.
Kala sager Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune (Maharashtra)
12 Dec 2012

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