Secret of Shazahn Padamsee’s perfect body?

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Secret of Shazahn Padamsee’s perfect body?
Shazahn Padamsee, who was appreciated for her role in Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji, does not believe in size zero. According to her, one should eat everything so that the body is not deprived of important nutritional elements.

‘An apple a day keeps doctor away’… what is your take on this?
Eating an apple everyday is very necessary because it keeps you healthy and disease free. I also make it a point to have an apple every day.

What is that one demerit or drawback which you would like to rectify?
I consider myself perfect. But I have the habit of washing my hands every now and then which becomes irritating at times, especially when I am doing something very serious.

What do you have in lunch?
I take the same kind of food every day. My lunch comprises 3 multigrain roti, daal, any vegetable, carrot and one big bowl of ladies finger.

Name one food item without which you cannot live?
Without any doubt it would be chocolate crepes, chocolate donuts.

Do you agree with the concept of ‘size zero’?
No, not at all, albeit I myself had a size zero figure. But let me tell you that this concept is only good for the ears; it does not look good at all. One does not feel active whole day. Even clothes do not suit you. I feel more healthy now-a-days.

What is your fitness mantra- yog or cardio?
Cardio. I find yoga boring and it requires lot of patience. I prefer treadmill than this.

(Tip of the month by fitness instructor Ravindra Gill
Few people over-exercise leading to many health related problems. Hence, they either resort to doing more exercises or stop all kind of physical activity. Rigorous exercises for a long duration may harm muscles and affect mood too. To overcome these, take liquid diet after an exercise session. You can include milk and fruit juice in this diet. Take nutritional food within two hours of exercise. Always remember that exercise is for our body and our body is for exercise.)
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